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Why the hell is your ass so dirty? What we're left with instead is a dulled teen raunch movie designed for the mind of the adolescent male, the one at the back of the class sketching boobs and penises because he isn't getting any action with either, when he should be paying closer attention to the history lesson being given.

The two picaresque heroes have been mistaken for terrorists, escape from the infamous Guantanamo, and finally travel to Texas to gain their freedom from the charges. Are you fucking kidding me? When you were slaving away at work, I was actually being a productive member of society. Female escorts in riverside. Harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay online free. Sign in or join to save for later. Katheryn Ryce as Agnes.

Families can also discuss the racial and ethnic profiling that Harold and Kumar are subjected to. Me and a bunch of friends bought slyders before we went. Edward is a friendly, harmless film cutter on the culture department. We're stealing his car! And then, as you might have been able to predict, they escape. Chris Warner as State Trooper.

Playing themselves in either stereotypical ways or as the butt of a racial joke, it's good to see them have a sense of humor. I don't know if we can trust our government anymore. Alex moreno nude pics. If you two don't want to get your dicks wet, that's fine with me! There's nothing comical about Kumar masturbating and spraying semen over himself, nor is there anything funny about Kumar's friend revealing his pubic hair entrenched penis.

FwankFwank 15 August Kal Penn and John Cho are such a great pair and made this sequel so much fun to watch. I can't promise you that I'll mature over night. This movie is so bad, SO stupid, such a complete waste of time.

Not like those asshole deer in New Jersey. Hayden SchlossbergJon Hurwitz. The movie is great and equally good as the white castle. Exclamation Mark Question Point. I love that show. Movie Info After successfully seeking out the ultimate slider in the stoner comedy Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle, the cannabis-craving twosome returns in this high-flying sequel that finds them labeled terrorists for attempting to sneak a marijuana-smoking implement on a flight to Amsterdam.

Download Harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay nl subs for free, African-Americans, harold and, kumar encountered in Birmingham, as well. User Reviews Parents say Kids say. Sissy tube porn. Log in with Facebook.

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The morning they return from their White Castle road trip, Harold and Kumar decide to go to Amsterdam because Harold doesn't want to wait ten days to see Maria again.

Ondertitels; Top ondertitels; Serie top ; Upload. Me and a bunch of friends bought slyders before we went. Sex hot nude photos. Harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay online free. Full Cast and Crew. There's nothing remotely risky about any of it. The movie itself isn't offensive, but a lot of the characters are, and Neil Patrick Harris returns once again and really stole the show for me.

Clinton - Scorpion and Sub-Zero. Scorpion and George S. A government agent taunts ethnic and religious groups with stereotypical objects of desire grape soda for an African-American character; a bag of small change for two Jewish characters in an effort to get them to talk; this, however, doesn't work and is depicted as the act of an idiot.

Pietruck 3 May The dope bag has a vagina, and both humans proceed to screw it. Maria is going to Amsterdam, and if Harold can catch up with her overseas perhaps he can strike up a real love connection. The Ice Cream Truck. Sunny leone six picture. This film aired before If you two don't want to get your dicks wet, that's fine with me!

Their rapport is fully intact and the shenanigans they get into are the impetus of the story. If only everyone in real life could have that attitude they wouldn't be cultivating racism by the sheer fact they accuse everyone of it.

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You know how pissed off my dad would get if I did that? Raylene and I here are siblings. Adult Written by 4Spice October 24, Programming subject to regional availability, blackouts, and device restrictions.

If you can appreciate that type of humor you will be laughing throughout the entire movie. Parents need to know that plenty of teens will want to see this marijuana-centric sequel, which goes out of its way to push buttons -- and that the filmmakers don't really worry about when to say when.

But the sequel delivers enough new developments to keep it interesting. Cho and Penn make engaging leads and they play well to the material - that much of it isn't that good is not down to their performances, if anything they deserved better. Find showtimes, watch trailers, browse photos, track your Watchlist and rate your favorite movies and TV shows on your phone or tablet!

Harold and kumar escape from guantanamo bay nl subs. Original Soundtrack was released on April 15, It contains 13 songs used in the film. So this has nothing to do with my ethnicity? The movie seemed like a weak student film with novice acting, poor direction, and no continuity forget about how bad the writing was for this movie - here is a tip to the writers; that thing about smoking weed to get creativity, it is a myth so you might want to put the bong down next time.

When Harold and Kumar travel through a completely Bush-ified American South and then head to Amsterdam, the film's message couldn't be clearer. Milo berosa nude. One summer their dream comes true, they travel through America, filming alligators, b ears and moose.

Yeah, well, listen Dr. Why not take a different slant and say that the American Government really isn't racist? A lot or a little? For every movie you steal, a great movie is never made. X of Y Official trailer. Verenigde Staten Komedie minuten. My cousin chose this movie for our Memorial Day outing. This movie bills itself as offensive. Gentlemen, start your engines! Actually, it may be funnier.

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Answer Questions What happens if dr phil appears behind you in your showerstall? But, that was about it for me. Bush-jokes have become so common and so over-done. There is nudity as well as drug and bodily function humor; however, it is definitely funny. Sexy nude belly. Some of it does work, some doesn't, but it is overkill regardless. Harold & kumar escape from guantanamo bay online free. A bag of shoddy skits that barely qualifies as a movie and taints pleasant memories of their previous clowning besides.

Because I'm going to rock out with my cock out, and you're going to jam out with your clam out. Do you want her to get raped and murdered? First let me say this movie was hilarious. Milf seduces girl scout This is not a good movie, too much nudity I didn't watch this movie all the way through, but this is not an appropriate movie for anyone. I am hoping that any of you that are on the fence whether to watch this film or not will think twice and save your time and money.

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Nude pics of sports girls But not so with this one. The freshness wasn't all there, but I enjoyed the movie regardless. Keeping it the way it is with how the film plays out is asinine.
Beautiful black girl with big tits Back then, everything that the titular duo did was wrapped in a drug-induced haze, and that justified the lowbrow comedy. She had these tiny little Hershey kisses nipples that you just wanted to suck on all night long.

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